"Go Naked"; no need for plastic packaging!

My work is inspired by the beauty of our environment and nature. It hurts to see the unneccessary damage we are causing to our home.

At Mark Betson Artist we are our products and go to great lengths to make sure they reach you in the best condition. However, we are also aware that plastic is not always desirable and you might not want it as part of your purchase. In fact we always choose plastic free wherever possible. We hate unnecessary packaging.

So, if you would like us to help you 'Go Naked' by sending your purchases to you without plastic, please select the required option from the dropdown list beside each product. You also have the option of plastic packaging but as an incentive, I will knock 5p off each "Go Naked" purchase! Wow!

As alternative protection, we will simply wrap your purchase in a simple paper sheath. Please be aware that some of the protection provided by the plastic sleeve packaging, such as environmental effects will be missing if you opt to "Go Naked".. We do wholeheartedly encourage you to do without plastic!